FEMORAL NERVE Numbness and sharp burning pain in the front of left thigh


I am 37 weeks pregnant and the upper left side of my leg has been going numb for about 2 months but just a few weekss ago I started having a sharp burning pain down the front of that same leg thigh! I'm worried a nerve is being pinched, if that is the case...I have tons of questions! Is it due to the pregnancy, if so is there anything that can be done NOW or do I have to wait until after I'm done? Could I get nerve damage and would it be permanent?

The Femoral nerve supplies this region of your leg. Most likely the pain is from a pinched nerve either in the groin, or in the midlumbar spine, or quite often both in what we call the "double-crush" syndrome, rather like Carpal Tunnel.

Yes, it probably is caused by the pregnancy, one of the known causes, or could be quite unrelated. Non-pregnant people get it too!

When it goes to the side of the leg it's called Meralgia Paresthetica, probably the beginning of your troubles. Then the nerve is an off-shoot of the femoral nerve, called the Lateral Femoral Cutaneous nerve, but don't be concerned about the names.

Your blood sugar isn't raised?

You can use the Search this site facillity at C-H for more on these terms and precisely what is happening. Sometimes it can also be a condition called Maignes syndrome, from the high lumbar spine.

These have different names, but they are all inter-related. High lumbar facet syndrome + local pinching in the groin. Do you have deep tenderness if you press in the groin area/

It's also possible that the baby is pressing on the nerve.

It needs careful assessment and management. I would look around and see if you can find a chiropractor experienced in treating pregnant women.

Permanent injury. Unlikely, but it does need to be checked.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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