FEMORAL NERVE Is surgery needed for my L1 and L2

by Sue
(Basra, Iraq)


Hi I was involved in a car accident and my l1 and l2 bones are totally destroyed a procedure was done through my back to keep what I have in place and now i am going to be going through another procedure were a platine will be used to replace the 2. or a bone from my leg will be used. is this procedure sucessful or not, i am in iraq so i can not go to a chiropractor i want to seek your knowlege before i determine what i want to do. i was told i will need to be in bed for 3 months before any movement can be performed. please let me know.

Hello Sue,
It's an orthopaedic problem, I'm afraid. A chiropractic consultation wouldn't be appropriate at this stage in any case.

After the op, rehab is vital, but when and how and what you must discuss with the surgeon.

The horror of MVA's... sorry.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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