Femoral nerve & Inguinal pain

by Merrill Reno
(Oregon, Ohio USA)

Approximately 6 weeks ago I was extremely exhausted and fell asleep in the recliner chair. When I woke up I was bent up on my left side in the chair, in a very awkward and uncomfortable position. My lower right side of my back was hurting and my thigh was very numb. As the days went on the pain spreed to my hip and inguinal area and my thigh was on fire. The pain in my back, groin, hip, and thigh along with the burning had become so bad that I could not even walk with the help of a walker.

Two days ago I was searching the internet for stretches I could do to help alleviate the pain and when I did one of them my back cracked so hard I felt it in my teeth. The pain has subsided somewhat but it's still bad. Especially in my thigh and inguinal groin area. It is going on the 7th week like this and it is beyond horrible. I was able to finally convince my insurance company to OK the MRI my doctor ordered and in two days I have my first ever appointment with a local Chiropractor. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Merrill,
Nerve pain is indeed horrible.

The Femoral nerve itself is a motor nerve too, it supplies the Quadriceps muscle in the front of the thigh, amongst others. Does your knee feel weak, as though it might give. Ask your chiro to give special attention to the knee jerk. Hop on that leg. Does it give?

The other smaller filaments supply the area the side of the leg (Meralgia paresthetica - if you press just medial to the hip in the groin, is it VERY tender?), the groin (Maigne's syndrome) and even the labia.

The Femoral nerve stretch test will be particularly painful. Is it?
It's a trying condition, Merrill, and you've had it quite long now. With nerve pain it's better to seek advice sooner. That MRI will be useful to rule out a disc injury, but in the first instance (in my book) perhaps wasn't necessary. Don't expect miracle relief now that it's two months plus pain.

Type "Maignes syndrome exercises" into the Search this site function at C-H. Ask your chiro if they are suitable.
Good luck, this should respond to chiropractic. Let me know in a month or so how you are getting on.

Dr B

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Mar 25, 2012
Chiro seems like best call
by: Anonymous

Hello I was just wondering if you can actually remember if there was something you did prior to falling asleep that could have cause damage? It seems to me that the chiro will be of benefit to you if your back cracking eliviated some of the pain. I do suggest a higher water intake. What is your sodium intake? Do you have any higher than normal water weight? Sleeping wrong can cause the body many different things think of a cricked neck from sleeping wrong it takes awhile for it to get normal. I however have a nerve on my left side at the so let of my hip and leg that if I sit wrong lay wrong or hit it I develop the same symptoms. It usually goes away in a couple of days though. You may not only need to find stretches that work but look at how you are still sleeping. If you are causing aggrrevation to the nerves while you are even in a resting state it may be prolonging your pain. I hope the chiropractors helps.

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