Femoral Nerve Damage

by Necole
(Tucson, AZ USA)

In 2004, during a laposcopic D&C, an artery was punctured. I awoke with extreme nerve pain from my back to my calf on the left hand side. I took pain meds for about 9 months until I had a subsequent surgery to remove my uterus and awoke with no pain but numbness in the front left thigh.

Now 10 years later the pain is coming back but this time it's burning, ripping, sometimes stabbing pain with a continuous ache in my groin, knee and down to my calf. Now my lower back on the left side is in pain and my entire leg feels like I hit my "funny bone". My knee sometimes buckles. The front of my thigh is still numb but it also hurts at the same time. Is the nerve "waking up"?

Hello Necole,
No, I fear the nerve is acting up. It's worrisome that the pain in your leg has increased, and the knee is starting to buckle. That means that there is weakness in the quadriceps muscle developing. Be careful on stairs. You may fall and add insult to injury.

There are three things to look out for.

1. Has the knee jerk reflex been affected? You'll have to ask your doctor or chiropractor to test it.

2. Is the Femoral nerve stretch test positive?

3. Do movements of your back cause pain in the leg?

It's time a least for an xray, and if you have insurance, or can afford it, and MRI scan.

In short, you need professional help. Get it.

Dr B

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