femoral nerve damage

by maria
(el paso tx)

basically all the symptoms of compression/irritation of the femoral nerve lost a lot of knee reflex weak leg going up the stairs radiating pain up and down thigh numb sensation on inner part of lower leg pain when my thigh touches my stomach/abdomen tenderness when i lay on my right side going on for a month now. I believe it is related to when one day i got up from where i was sitting and got this instant unrelenting pain in my lower back that would not go away for like 6 hours at night before going to bed my thigh started twitching violently and then it went away in the morning to be replaced by excruciating pain which now has subsided but i still have weakness in my leg and knee and discomfort. i have gone to the doctors he found no high blood sugar levels and thyroid working properly but did find anemia and uterus fibroids he says that is the reason but i don't know they did not do any MRI and hence i'm writing to ask if this is the source of my nerve problem and if it is how long does the nerve takes to heal?

all good questions maria but googs doesnt like terrible grammar please resubmit from your computer in normal english i dont have the time or inclination to do it for you sorry.

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