Femoral nerve damage from femoral hernia?

by Marianne
(Seattle WA)


I am a 58 yo female. I am thin and athletic. I recently had surgery to repair four femoral hernias - two on each side. Both sides were incarcerated. I had two others that were about ready to go, so I have six mesh patches.

However, I also have arthritis in both hips, but worse on the right. It is the left leg that is the most problematic, but it seems to vary.

Prior to the surgery, I had marked leg weakness and balance problems, and off and on pain, when I ride horses, which is my sport. I am really worried about permanent damage. I am two weeks post surgery, so I am just starting to get around again, and I don't know when I will be on a horse again.

So, I have no idea whether I am dealing with a disc, arthritis, or the results of these hernias. So, my rehab is going to be critical, and I am looking for any direction. My Doctors just say "wait and see".

What should I do?

I would listen to your doctors, Marianne. It's quite a major procedure you've had and will need time to heal.

Then start exercising those hips every morning before getting of bed by pulling your knee to the chest, and then rotating the hip. Do it gently, without pain, and only once the surgeon gives you permission to start.

Dr B

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