Femoral mono neuropathy

by Shelley

Femoral mono neuropathy

I posted my case previously as "doctors disagree on femoral neuropathy" . Now we are at 10 months with groin and front thigh pain but it is actually improving slowly.

I found a chiropractor who does A.R.T. (Active release) and applies pressure to the iliacus and psoas areas while I lay on my side . Have been for 7 treatments. Some improvement and relief but I seem to relapse inexplicably sometimes. It appears that I need sacro iliac adjustment as well each time I visit.

So I just try to keep up with stretch and exercise from physio but overall am functioning a lot better. Now am able to sit ( reclined) for about 20 min) so I can drive a longer distance if I get out and walk around the car every 20 min. to prevent a fit of pain i get from sitting. Thanks for listening.

Hello Shelley,
It's great that it's improving, albeit slowly. Are there x-rays of your back and hip? Any pain in the groin if you pull your knee to your chest?

Is your chiro also adjusting the upper lumbar spine. That's where the Femoral nerve comes from.

Although Maignes syndrome affects a different nerve, it comes from the same part of the spine, so Maignes syndrome exercises may help.

I always say focus on the direction. You're improving, rather than where you are.

Thanks for the update.

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I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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Aug 14, 2013
Femoral nerve pain
by: Anonymous

Femoral nerve pain

Have you been check for cancer ? I don't mean to cause alarm but it would be worth the check . It can compress the nerves from that area and cause significant pain especially if it is a deep pain and of course also cause neurologic symptoms . Have you had any chronic fatigue? I'd look into diets and things that can help as well as stretches.
God bless

This lady has had exhaustive medical tests. But a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids will help every back condition, not to mention Parkinsons, Alzheimers and a host of blood vessel conditions. Best from fatty fish and freshly ground flaxseeds. Personally I take a tablespoon of the latter every morning on my cereal.

Her chiropractor has given her exercises for her lower back. We should all do them actually, like brushing teeth.

Plus her leg pain is improving. By now it would be significantly worse if she had cancer.

Dr B

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