Fell off My bike and bumped my head

by Nicholas
(Naples, Florida)

I fell off my bike and bumped my head; I hit it in the pavement and it bled a bit (from brush burn); after about 20 mins I started seeing black patches and felt lightheaded. Next morning neck is very stiff. What should I be worried about?

Hello Nicholas,
For a start concussion. If you start
getting headaches, and that lightheaded sensation continues, best you see a neurologist.

In an accident of this sort, very often there is more than one injury, so you may well have damaged your spine too.

Certainly if you start getting tingling or numbness in your arm then you should get professional help.

Don't underestimate the injury; if your gut feel is that something significant has happened, then be sensible and see your doctor or chiropractor.

Dr B

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