Fell down the stairs and twisted my ankle

I fell down some stairs and twisted my ankle. I had immediate pain and it still hurts; there's no swelling however. It burns and I cannot put pressure or move it without it hurting. I don't want to go in to have them tell me it's just a sprain though. Any suggestions?
Thank you!

Hello Cristina,
It is perhaps just a sprain but I'd have it professionally assessed. You have no idea how many people I treat, and letters at this site who injured their ankles, did nothing, and years later will still suffering.

You may be right; pleased if you're right! But if you can't put pressure on it, it's swollen, and bruised then it needs to be professionally examined; fractures lurk and untreated become arthritic and disabling.

dr B

» Fell down the stairs and twisted my ankle

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