fell and injured both ankles YEARS ago and never treated. Now, knees hips, and all surrounding pelvic pain.

by Ima
(Washington State)

Constant pain in ankles and outer leg and up just past knees, as well as hips, buttock, pelvis (sacroiliac). I'm unable to stand more than 10 to 15 minutes without searching for a seat. But a few minutes and... I can't walk an entire block, even laying down too long is painful. Legs etc throb day and night. I'm awakened several times crying in pain. Tossing and turning.

I've lost so much mobility, that I've gained over 50 lbs, which keeps me from living anything resembling life. Shoulders also burn just behind shoulder blades and further up I to my neck. Stiffness everywhere. My feet and ankles ache just propped (knees bent so bearing lower leg weight on my feet) in bed to read.

Desperate need to know what to do, and where to begin.

I have size 6 feet, with extremely high arches. Broke left foot 2x. Sprained and twisted another 5x. Right foot sprained and twisted 5x. Last time was 2008 and hurt both at same time. With a loud painful pop on outer right calf. Was unable to walk for months. Didn't have any medical, so...

Is this now permanent due to my lack of medical attention/ treatment?

Sorry to be so lengthy. Butt believe it that I'm cutting it short.

Hello Ima,
You're between a rock and hard place. Clearly what's needed is a careful and thorough examination; what is the main cause of all these pains?

That could be something simple, like a short leg, which makes standing very uncomfortable, but it could be that you have major arthritis now in your ankles, or hips.

The second step is to get those 50 pounds off; otherwise it's the wheelchair for you. Difficult as it is, you really have no option; the way to do it is to find out about the meaning of the term glycemic index, and to cut out ALL glycemic carbs.

The way I see it is that by having no medical you've been pocketing hundreds of dollars every month that should have been earmarked for your health. Now it's time to prize them loose from where you've invested them, and put them towards the purpose they were meant for.

Think about swimming every day.

Good luck, Ima, tough choices, I know.

Dr b

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