feet and soles are numb and tingling and getting worse.

by Jan

started over a year ago, gp thought it was peripheral neuropathy and offered gabapentin, i declined. nerve conductivity test normal, neurologist offer gabapentin. Went to chiropractor who took xray and noticed bone spurs. 6 treatments did not make any difference. I told my gp i thought it was related to my back.started medical massage and i noticed tingling of feet when low back massaged, we got out the physiology books and traced the nerve that innervates the bottom of the foot up to L5. reported this to gp and scheduled mri. mri confirmed collapsed discs, neurosurgeon does not recommend surgery. I then requested physical therapy. Therapist very experienced and explains that S1, L5 have been moving to much and L2-4 are immobile. He is working to loosen these up and I've been given several exercises to do twice a day to strengthen core and back so L5 will be better supported and allow the other veterbre to move more. 6 visits so far, L2-4 have more mobility but numbness and tingling is worse. Thanks, Jan

Sorry to be difficult, Jan, but you will have noticed that I asked you not to write on a smartphone. With 22 letters waiting to be answered, I only now reply to those written in reasonable grammar, if you are English speaking which you obviously are. With over 10 grammatical errors, you can do better. Google downgrades sites that have poor grammar and spelling. So who is going to correct it? You or me? You have legitimate questions; please resubmit.

Dr B

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