feels like being jabbed by needles in my ankle

by Gracie
(Kelowna, B.C, Canada)

I was walking around town for a bit when my right foot started to ache. I thought my foot was asleep and the drowsiness in my leg would go away. After about two hours the pain ached more and I could feel it more and more becoming more sharp in my ankle.

The pain went away for around three hours but now it's back and I am currently lying on my couch with a sharp pain mainly in my ankle but also in the soles of my feet. It is definitely not pins "n" needles. My friends have said that maybe it's my bones shifting but I am already 14 and have practically finished growing.
thank you,

Hello Gracie,
My first thoughts were of a subluxated bone in the ankle. Does moving your ankle hurt?

However, talk of your foot falling asleep and a "drowsiness" suggests this could be something else. There are just so many possibilities, that I'd prefer not to speculate.

If it stays more than a few days, a visit to your medical doctor may be in order.

Dr B

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