Feel like a baseball under my scapula pushing out

by Dorota
(Hamilton on.ca)

It's in the shoulder blade area, massive pain and the whole area pops and grinds when I move it with my arm over my head; it's like something has grown and pushing it out. And no doc really examines it; they just jump to conclusions about standard probabilities. But maybe I do have an unusual condition. And it's killing me to try to deal with it.

Also noticed sunken in area just behind my shoulder bone towards the back at the shoulder socket. What does that mean? Torn muscle?

Step number one, Dorota, is to change your doctor. Any physician who doesn't actually examine his patients isn't worthy of the title.

Secondly, grinding under the shoulder blade as it moves over the ribs, sometimes giving a horrific sound, is not necessarily clinically significant. Many folk have it with no pain at all.

However, in your case, there is obviously something on the go. It could be a radiation from your neck, that would account for the wasting of that muscle giving the sunken in area.

However, it could be a subluxated rib, a condition in your thoracic spine, or from the shoulder. It could also be more serious from the lungs. Are you a smoker? Get a chest x-ray.

In short you need a thorough examination, and if you're not getting that from your medical doctor, perhaps it's time to consider visiting a local chiropractor.

Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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