Falling with neuroma

by Myrna Coleman
(Portville, NY)

I have been diagnosed with Morton's neuroma in my right foot, causing something like a frozen foot in area from ball of foot to middle toes when I take off my wide toe box SAS shoes at night.

I fell last night, wondering if the neuroma is a factor. But the funny thing is that my foot was forced into the wall, causing it to bend harshly at the toes. I don't think I broke anything; it's the first time I've felt movement although it is painful.

Today I'm immersing it in icy water for a few minutes, which feels good, since it felt so hot; I think the bottom of my foot is swollen or inflamed.

Anyone please comment - think this is a good idea?

Hello Myrna,
I take it the diagnosis of Morton's neuroma is a long standing condition, and that only recently you bashed your foot against the wall.

Yes, ice treatment, or alternating cold and hot, is a good idea. Immersing your whole foot may be a bit drastic; how about an ice block rather on the painful swollen and inflamed area?

As far as the neuroma is concerned, I've had considerable success with mobilising the fixations in the forefoot and ankle, though I can't guarantee this has always been successful.

Once the swelling has gone down from the recent trauma, see if you can find a chiropractor who works with feet. Surgery for Morton's neuroma is really quite drastic.

Dr B

» Falling with neuroma

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