fall on buttocks coming in front door

by marcia
(sanford n.c.)

I had an x ray; no broken bones but my behind still hurts when I sit down for a long time; I don't know what to do it has been 3 weeks since my fall.

Hello Marcia,
Just to be sure, run your finger down between your buttocks, feeling the sacrum and then finally the coccyx, just before the anus. Is that where it's sore?

The sacroiliac joints and even a disc can be injured causing pain that you interpret as being from your coccyx.

Get or make a doughnut cushion and use it for a few weeks; if the coccyx remains painful you'll need to find a local chiropractor who can help you.

Take a good look at where you fell and make some changes, or you'll slip and fall again.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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