Fall on buttocks causing a weak ankle

by Alana

Is it pain in the ankle that makes you use a stick?

Is it pain in the ankle that makes you use a stick?

> > Fall on buttocks causing a weak ankle

I fell twice one week apart on a foot stool not knowing it was broken. Both times on my backside on hardwood floors. After the second fall, my foot started to go over and Tuesday morning I couldn't walk.

Hello Alana.
I need a clarification here; was your ankle painful and could you not walk because of pain, or weakness in the ankle? Did you also have a sore lower back?

After three weeks I went to Emergency and had x-rays and CatScan. It showed no fractures and after 7 weeks one leg is working fine though I need a cane for the other leg.

Did they scan your ankle, coccyx or lumbar spine? Again, is the cane for weakness in the ankle, or pain in ankle or coccyx?

It has something to do with the tailbone. I doubt. Slide your finger down the buttock crease towards the anus. Is it very painful over the coccyx? You make no mention of back or coccyx pain.

I will be seeing a neurosurgeon this coming Tuesday, though I am sick with nerves. I'm very active and was a distance runner for 36 years and love exercising. Has this ever happened to anyone before? Thanks for reading.

Answers to the above questions will help, Alana, for us to come to a correct diagnosis. Then and only then can you start to think about the appropriate treatment.

What is the consensus amongst the doctors you've consulted? Are they saying this is a sprained ankle, slipped disc, or fractured sacrum, for example? A sacroiliac syndrome needs to be considered too. Does raising your knee give you pain to the side of the pelvis?

Start to consider what increases the pain, if there is any, or makes your ankle worse; and what relieves the symptoms. Please answer as specifically as you can if you want a cogent reply from me.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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