FAI and Coccydynia correlation?

by Kimberly

FAI and Coccydynia correlation?

I have been dealing with severe pain in my left hip for several years. I attributed it to an injury. After 5 years I finally saw a orthopedic surgeon. After some x rays and an MRI he diagnosed me with FAI. I have yet to do anything about it as I don't have insurance and can't afford the $10,000 surgery out of pocket. So my plan is to wait until I can't wait anymore and then figure something out.
(Terrible, I know, but I'm just low on options) I'm VERY active. I swim, bike run, lift weights, Crossfit, etc. So it's only getting worse.
However, about 3 weeks ago I began to develop something new. High levels of pain at the very tip of my tailbone. If I sit for even 5 minutes on a soft or hard surface, my tailbone hurts VERY badly. It's also sore to the touch. My sister had a Pilonidal cyst. So I thought perhaps I'm developing that? But I don't feel any growth as of now. Just soreness.
Is there anyway that the tailbone soreness could be related to my FAI? I know I should probably get more x rays. Just trying to avoid that right now.

Hello Kimberley,
Have you got the X-rays and MRI? Could you send me single view of the pelvis? Either as a digital attachment here, or to contact.

FAI is sooooo treatable with conservative means. You don't have to, and shouldn't live with this pain. It's trying to tell you something. Daily exercises are vital.

Your age?

Untreated, unmanaged, unexercised FAI leads unerringly to hip arthritis, and that will cost you a lot more pain and suffering than $10,000.

What I need to know is after five years of pain how much arthritic development is occurring. At this stage you probably don't need new X-rays.

There's no direct connection that I know of between the coccyx and FAI. But because the latter affects your gait, it certainly has a knock on effect on everything in the area, including the coccyx.

In all probability you've bumped your coccyx, and what's needed is a donut cushion for a few weeks or months. Coccyx pillow ... you read about the chiropractic help for coccyx pain. Mostly it can be done externally, though internally via the rectum is more effective, not painful, but obviously not pleasant.

I would modify your exercise program until we've established how bad your hip is. More emphasis on non weight bearing exercise like swimming and cycling. And run short distances only on grass or soft surface, and perhaps not at all. You don't want a hip replacement at fifty.

Send me that pic, and we'll talk further. Meantime do more reading about Femoro Acetabular Impingement Syndrome Pincer

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I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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