facial pain after car accident

Location of jaw joint

Location of jaw joint

Due to a car accident and blunt side of head injury, I have jaw pain, cheek pain and tooth pain constantly.

My doctor says it's more the muscles. How can I tell if it's muscle or damage to my tmj?

Difficult, and it could be to a tooth too remember.

Please your fingers on your joint joint just in front of the tragus of the ear, and then open and close your jaw.

Is it tender over the joint? Does it click or pop or grate as you open?

Now put your index finger into your ears, the pulp of your finger facing forwards. Repeat. Does the opening of the jaw joints seem symmetrical, and do they open together?

You could look in the mirror, pull your lip down, and slowly open your jaw and see if the jaw does a jig as it opens. More difficult.

I hope this helps. Any popping sounds or pain when chewing? See also my Bernard Preston.com site for tmj ear pain.

Dr B

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