extreme pain in rt leg ..... hip; knee; ankles; toes ; behind knee ; behind ankle ;pittted adema down calf; shooting pain when standing

by JD LaBerge
(Jacksonville Fl)

MRI results :

L5-S1 rt paracentral disc extrusion. The disc compresses the descending rt S1 nerve root in the rt lateral recess and contacts but does not posteriorly displace the descending left
S1 nerve root root within the oft lateral recess
Mild degenerative changes L4- L5

Dear Mr/s LaBerge,
An extrusion into the foramen does indeed cause extreme pain, and is likly to cause weakness of raising your heel off the ground.

I take it, if you're sitting in a kitchen chair, and straighten your right leg it cause a lot of pain in your leg, and probably your back too.

This is a serious problem and with great care on your part and skill on the part of a chiropractor can very often be treated successfully.

Look up our "slipped disc rules" using the search function at Chiropractic Help. Follow them to the letter.

Surgical removal of the prolapsed piece of disc will often bring relief quite quickly, but it's a difficult procedure and it's generally agreed will leave you worse off in the long run, than seeking a more conservative solution.

It's basically your choice: quick relief with surgery, or a longer, slower treatment with chiropractic. You are looking at around 10-15 consultations over the next six weeks, but that's a thumb suck.

It's unwise to do nothing; this won't go away of its own accord. Meantime be careful; an awkward move can make it rapidly worse. Sit less, don't bend and particularly try not to cough or sneeze.

Good luck.

Dr b

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