Extreme lower back pain and hips aren't spreading

First off ill mention I do have scoliosis', not horrible but I do. My biggest thing right now is I am now 33 weeks pregnant and having extreme lower back pains cause the baby's so low, my doc and massage therapist are telling me my hips are closed and really tight so the baby has no where else to go; and can't drop which is causing the pain. Can getting an alignment maybe help loosen up and help my hips spread so baby can drop?!

Hello Amanda,
Frankly I have no idea what "closed hips" and "not spreading" means; what we call "volk's taal" in Dutch; unscientific language.

Low back pain and pregnancy go hand in hand, and many chiropractors offices are full of pregnant women. The problems usually relate to the sacroiliac and pubic joints which must loosen up in the last trimester, so baby can drop down through the birth canal.

This pubic bone pain may spread down into the inner thigh muscles causing quite extreme upper leg and sometimes groin pain; and a difficulty opening your hips. I'm assuming that's your trouble. It's very treatable.

Hunt for a chiropractor in your area who treats lots of pregnant women; there's quite likely one around the corner.

Meantime at our lower back exercises page you'll find some specifics for pregnancy.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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