Extreme low back pain.

Hi, i am an architect from india.i am 29 years old,i am suffering from low back pain from five years.

i have gone through mri twice which says sacralization of l5 s1. All the doctors whom i consulted just advice me to do back strengthing exercises,swimming and learn to live with the pain. Is there no permanent cure for sacralization?

Hello Arbadds,
Alas, you have a hereditary anomaly that no one can "cure."

That means that first and foremost you must do lower back exercises before you get out of bed every morning. They are your lot. Same as you brush your teeth.

It's not so bad. I do them myself, EVERY MORNING, I never miss. You shouldn't either. It takes less than two minutes. Extreme pain? Follow these rules.

Slipped disc rules ...

i have been doing exercises for my back, but i don't feel it is helping me much. Sometimes the pain radiates from my left hip to the left ankle too. Please suggest me a cure for my condition.

What is then necessary is to do the right exercises. You'll find a lot of exercises at C-H but for the right exercises for your condition, you need to find a chiropractor. Not sure where in India.

Lower back exercises ...

Use this Search this site … to find out more about lumbarisation and sacralisation ...

Good luck.

dr B

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