excruciating pain

by ilona brandwijk

It started with my hip making a movement as if i were going through it a sort of click........the day after i started having enormous pain in my hip all th way to my knee....after a week my back decided to join the fun and went into a full spasm.

I know my L4 and L5 have osteoarthritis and there is a slight narrowing in the L5.

Can this only cause pain in the lower region or also go to your arms......

reason i ask this is before all this started i had what they diagnosed as a RSI in my shoulder and upper arm for weeks on end with sort of the same pain as i have now in my leg.....the upper side of my other leg now also starts to be real bad...

amy advise what i can do?

kind regards,

Ilona Brandwijk

All legitimate questions, Ilona, but I don't respond to smartphone grammar; Google penalises sites, I tire of correcting your English. Resubmit in the Queen's English, and I'd be happy to respond; of Nederlands, dat mag ook, maar niet in het Gaelic!

Dr B

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