excruciating pain in the front of thigh

by Kathy
(Atlanta, GA )

My excruciating pain in the front of thigh comes and goes.

Today my thigh ached all day as I walked around and stood still. I am a sales associate so I am on my feet all day. The pain is also on the bottom of my left heel.

This type of pain began in October after a fall in September. At one point today I could barely walk the pain was so bad; then after some rest and manipulation, just seconds,and it was tolerable.

At night I wake up with excruciating left leg pain that actually accelerates until I move around and manipulate and finally eases, it's not Charley horse, pain is worse.

I am at home now and just a few minutes ago while sitting here in my recliner with my legs elevated I had another episode of excruciating pain including my left low pelvis area on top and to the left of pubic bone - I usually call this my groin area. I have had x-ray and MRI of hip and shows only mild, age related arthritis. Anyway, that's my story.

Hello Kathy,
The two common causes of this kind of pain are a referral down the femoral nerve from your lumbar spine, or one of the several hip conditions that cause groin and excruciating pain in the front of thigh; not just hip arthritis.

You make no mention of lower back pain but, to be sure, bend slowly forwards, then backwards and to the side; do any of these movements reproduce the pain in the front of your thigh, or LBP? Do you know if anyone has done a femoral nerve stretch, tested the knee jerk and the sensation in the front of your thigh?

More likely I suspect, is a hip condition. If you lie on your back and pull the knee to the chest, then towards the opposite shoulder, and then drop it into the lotus position, what happens?

Using a little oil, run your thumb from the ASIS, see the graphic, through the groin and down the inner thigh; compare with the other side. What do you feel? Lighten up in the mid groin where the femoral artery and nerve run.

You mention manipulation; is that something you do yourself, or do you consult someone?

The heel pain I suspect is unrelated; and ankle problem.

Dr B

» excruciating pain in the front of thigh

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