Excruciating Pain, burning and my arms and face and neck going numb

by Gen

Have been seeing this chiro who I thought was the greatest thing that happened to me. Although the last few visits with her and my back has gone for a very bad toss. I've had excruciating pain in my shoulders and neck with burning in my back.

There is tingling and numbness in my arms when I lie down to sleep. Doctors have tried steroids and pain killers and it helps for couple of days and then it's back again. I am so against popping all these meds and I feel I'm turning into a drug addict. My back feels like it's on fire. My chest has been achy too and feels kinda achy to breathe.

It's been more than a month and a half. I'm sure she's ruined my back. I just pray I can recover from this. I'm doing physical therapy now. But everything seems to make my muscles stiffen up and cause worse pain. I'm lost!

Hello Gen,
I'm sorry you've had a bad experience with your treatment.

May I ask a few questions? What made you consult her in the first place? What problems were you having?

How did you find this chiropractor? It sounded like you 'clicked' in the beginning. When did things go sour?

Did you feel that she listened carefully to you and examined you thoroughly?

When you have pain on breathing it suggests a rib subluxation, one of the simpler things we treat; but it can be caused by a heavy manipulation in the middle of the back. Was it your feeling that she used brute force and ignorance as we say?

Are you in good health? Have you had serious injuries?

Perhaps it's time for an x-ray. A burning pain in your arms, neck and face is certainly most unusual. Are you sure it all started after the treatment?

I'm inclined to suggest you consult a neurologist for an opinion. Let me know please what happens.

Dr B

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