everything since fracturing my ankle.

by Ramey
(Kansas City MO)

When I was one I suffered a traumatic brain injury which caused chronic ear infections and balance problems among many other issues. In april 2007 I broke my ankle and Truman Medical Centers refused to x-ray it. In 2010 Truman Medical Centers manipulated my mother into making me homeless so I couldn't sue the hospital for malpractice.

In 2014 I was approved for Disability based on a broken ankle, ear infection, eczema and nearsightedness. For nine years I have attempted to get treatment to repair my broken ankle and have been denied even with insurance.

About an hour ago I got up from a sitting position and pain shot out from both sides of my lower spine, up and down my spine as well.

Now when I bend down I'm not sure if I will get back up and I have trouble breathing when the pain is really severe. Is it possibly connected to the untreated injury and the stress that comes with it?

Hello Ramey,
Yes, a fractured ankle can change your gait, particularly if untreated, and that can certainly cause lower back and pelvic pain. The obvious question though, is why now after so many years?

You've been dealt a very difficult hand, Ramey, but you're not the first. Just read the inspiring story of Helen Keller.

Your case is so involved, and legal questions abound, so it would be foolish of me to speculate, particularly since I cannot examine you and your records.

Like the rest of us, pray, and forgive those who have mistreated you, eat as healthily as you can, take regular exercise and look forward to tomorrow. I know it sounds trite, and probably is. I'm sorry.

Dr B

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