Erosion in pubic bone

by Hira
(Lahore pakistan)


I have pain in my pubic bone for 8 months after my younger baby born; it is really unbearable pain.
I had done x-ray and it shows erosion in the pubic bone. I've had bone scan ,CBC, urine complete with culture, but all are clear.

Suggest me please what I do?

Hello Hira,
This is where the large muscles running down the inner thigh attach. This will hurt a lot but it will almost certainly help a great deal.

Take a generous amount of light oil on your thumb and starting at the ASIS (find this anatomical landmark using Google), run your thumb through the groin, to the pubic bone and then down the inner thigh; do it two or three times. Quite firmly and it will hurt a lot I suspect. Lighten up as you cross the mid groin region where the femoral nerve and artery lie.

Lying on your back, pull each knee to the chest and then make a circular motion of the hip; do this several times a day.

More difficult is if there is any involvement of the sacroiliac joint or spine; there you will need professional help.

Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

» Erosion in pubic bone

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