My girl is 15 years now she has this problem from 2004 when she was 7 years. I first thought it was worms but the problem continues. Her problem is that she just lock not knowing what she is doing messes what ever which is next to her the saliva comes out of her mouth turning eyes up as if she see someting that takes few sconds she does not falldown , it seems as if her fits are inside.

I was taking her to different doctors now she is on threatment but there is no improvement.

I don't know what to do please help.

Hello, I'm afraid I know of nothing that chiropractic could do to help. There is some anecdotal evidence that manipulation may help, but I personally have had no success, and know of no research that manipulation may help.

Ask your doctor about the ketogenic diet. Interesting research done at at a top medical research institute, can't remember which one.

Dr B

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