Electric shocks in my front teeth and TMJ

by Teresa
(Twentynine Palms, CA)

Dear Doctor,

I am seeing a cranial sacral therapist for TMJ. I have been experiencing an electric painful shock in my front two teeth. These teeth had root canal surgery over 30 years ago and my front two teeth are crowned. Still the pain shoots through them as if they are still my real teeth. The crowns have recently been examined to show no infection and be sound.

I am very anxious that the pain will not go away. It is triggered by wind on my face, light touch, and drinking cold or warm liquids. Whenever my TMJ becomes aggravated, which unfortunately is nearly everyday from speaking incorrectly or an urge to stretch the jaw joint. The pain flares up very painfully at the point I hear a crack.

I have been experiencing much anxiety regarding this condition. I am hoping the problem will resolve, but have a deep fear that this condition will turn out to be Trigeminal Neuralgia. Can you offer me any hope?

Hello Theresa,
If wind sets it off it may well be TN, but I'm not terrified of the condition. Using a needle, prick the two sides of your face, above the eye, below the eye, and the lower jaw. Is there a distinct difference?

One of the key signs if chiropractic will help is whether the lateral pterygoid muscle is very tender. Take your left forefinger, pulp facing outwards, and insert it in your mouth between the right upper teeth and the cheek, and go as far as you can, high up beyond the teeth into the pterygoid pocket. Your finger will be just in front of the jaw joint. Prod about. Is it extremely tender? Compare with the other side.

If it's really sore then there's definitely hope of relieving the condition, if not curing it.

The pain in those crowns doesn't quite fit, and may be a separate, as yet undiagnosed problem. Do they hurt when you bite on them and chew?

The fact your jaw joint cracks definitely points to a damaged meniscus, or perhaps arthritis of the joint. Have you had a lot of dental work on the rear molars or wisdom teeth? Orthodontic treatment?

It's not pleasant, but a bite plate, worn at night, definitely helps some people.

You need to start looking for a chiropractor who works regularly with the jaw joint if the SOT treatment doesn't help.

You will find some TMJ exercises at Chiropractic Help.

This is a trying condition and you will have to be patient and go in search of someone who can help. Find them!

Sorry, but CA is a long way from South Africa!

Dr B

Dr B

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