Early morning vertigo

by Chijioke
(Enugu, Nigeria)

Early morning vertigo is simply awful and can make you vomit and literally fall over.

The first time I had this experience was on 11th December, 2015. It scared me to my marrows.
I went to the hospital, they ran a couple of test on me and finally arrived at the possibility of vertigo.
They gave me medication to handle the nausea and stugeron for the dizziness.

I felt better but had another attack today 21st December, 2015, that is 10 days after the first experience which prompted my research on this topic.

Although my doctor said that it is not a life threatening case.

I need more help.

Hello Chijioke,
It usually isn't life threatening, though very rarely it's caused by a tumour in the brainstem; unlikely. But if you start to get other symptoms, then a scan is indicated; do you have hypertension?

The usual cause of vertigo is a condition called benign positional paroxysmal vertigo; it's very treatable with the Epley manoeuvres. You'll probably need to see a neurologist.

No, your doctor is right in that it's not life threatening, but he's wrong to give you stugeron which actually has vertigo listed as one of its side effects. It also just doesn't work.

And he's wrong if he underestimates how vertigo can ruin your life; it's simply awful so don't feel you're being a wimp.

Find out about the Epley manoeuvres. And don't lie in bed when you have an attack; get up and move.

Dr B

» Early morning vertigo

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