Dyslexia, vision problems, extreme pain all over my body, Reading, spelling math.

by Linda Fanrsworth
(Fort Wayne In. usa)

Where can I locate a doctor like you in the Pittsburgh Pa area? I travel between Fort Wayne In. and Pittsburgh each month. I cross Ohio via Akron,Canton and Cleveland. I am 62 dyslexic lady and got testing done when I was 54. I have lots of Pain.

Thank You for your time. I will contiune to look on your site for doctors that pratice the same as you do. ince I had to go on disiblity I would love to be part of a medical testing and let doctor's know what I have experienced all of my life. I think as a older person that can finally put words to what has been happening all my life.

I know I am apart I just can't speak intelligently becasue it effects your ablity to speak writen words.
There is a lot more, but will not take any more of your time for now.
are you located in Illionis?
I am on disablitiy.
Linda Farnsworth

I am still looking for your location too.

Hello Linda,
Alas I live about 20 hours on an aeroplane from you! But there are good chiropractors everywhere. Start by asking friends and family, and perhaps your medical doctor too. Preferably someone close to where you live.

May I assure that your writing is a good deal better than many Americans who contact this site. I wouldn't put yourself down too much - we're all a bit odd in one way or another, 'cept for you and me of course!

There's some evidence that a mixture of omega-3 oil and Evening primrose oil can help for learning disabilities. Well, the research is done on kids, not sure about for you, but fish oil is good stuff anyway.

For chronic pain, try walking EVERY DAY and doing some simple exercises.

Good luck. I hope this has contributed.

Dr B.

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May 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

I would recommend cranial adjustments. I unfortunately live in Ontario, Canada and only know of the chiropractor that does these adjustments. This person helped me out the most and I know there are a few people that do this in the USA. I would recommend contacting:


His name is Dr. Roger Turner and he is a DC, who has 36 years experience, and after a lot of issues with neck, and jaw and headaches, he gave me back my life. Unfortunately I ended up with a rotated C1 that needs his expertise but he is 450 kms away and 6 hour drive. I wish he lived closer.

I hope this helps.

What might be a good idea is to contact Dr Turner and ask if he can recommend a SOT therapist in your neck of the woods. SOT is part an parcel of chiropractic, but a specialisation.

Dr B

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