dropped metatarsal

dropped metatarsal

What exercises can I do to correct a dropped metatarsal bone? My second toe is beginning to overlap my big toe, but there is no pain on the bottom of my foot.
Thank you

It's good news you have no pain. Is there a callus beginning to form under the "met head"? If so, it may begin to hurt in time. Perhaps not. In any case some simple exercises are in order.

Sitting on a highish chair so your heel clears the ground, do the "alphabet exercises". Raise your foot at the ankle (called dorsi-flexion) and in space carve out a capital A. Down to the left, up, down to the right, cross piece for the A. Try and use the whole foot, and especially your toes. Make them move.

Repeat with a B. Try and do five letters at at time, the whole alphabet in one day.

Keep the knee fairly still, not that it's a problem if the knee bends, but focus on moving the joints in your foot.

Then do both feet, together if your coordination is good. Now mirror images?

I hope this has contributed. Keep it up. Only use high heels on special occasions. Or wear a smart hat instead!

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