drop foot, numb top foot, tingling side of foot, no ability to move foot or toes

by Vernon Dorsett
(Bremerton, WA, USA)

I was lifting steel plates at work as advised by my foreman. While turning with a plate my back popped. I dropped the plate yelling out for the others to prevent them from being hurt. I herniated both the L4-L5 and the T11-T12 discs.

I tried physical therapy, chiropractic care and massage therapy. I had a series of spinal injections within a year and a half.

Approximately 3 years from the actual date of injury I started experiencing symptoms I could not explain until my orthopedic surgeon explained it was the beginning stages of drop foot which had slowly migrated down my hip to my buttocks and then the thigh and finally my lower left extremity.

My question is simple, is it common for it to take 3-4 years to start experiencing drop foot if it is not treated?

Hello Vernon,
Yes, I would say this is the norm. You start with an injury that for one reason or another you never recover from completely. Perhaps the initial injury was so severe that it was impossible to recover totally.

Then, just through daily living, lifting the garbage bin, a sneeze whilst bending, the condition worsens; an aggravation of the initial injury.

Perhaps this happens several times, and ultimately the nerve is severely injured resulting in the foot drop.

It all goes back to the initial injury. It may be hard to prove, but that's the way I see it.

You might consider some inversion traction, done daily, provided your blood pressure is okay.

Dr B

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