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Semicircular canals

Semicircular canals

Dizziness vertigo

For almost 2months I've had sciatic pain only in the right buttock, it doesn't run down my leg. I've had to stop exercising due to the pain. Now,for about 10 days I've been experiencing dizziness. The dizziness is increased a lot if I drink alcohol, so I can't even drink one beer. I did some laps in the pool two days ago and when I got out of the pool I was also very dizzy. What could all of this be? I went to a neurologist for the dizziness and there was a slight abnormality in the right side of the brain that he dismissed as nothing to be concerned about. What do you think?

Hello Heather,
Dizziness and vertigo, really two different conditions can be VERY disconcerting. Did the neurologist squirt cold water in your ear?

Did s/he do a test where you lie down suddenly with your head turned to the side? Or, lying on your back, turn your head suddenly to one side and then the other? Type Hall Pike test into the Search this site function at C-H. If positive you need to find someone who knows about the Epley manoeuvres. Very simple and will fix vertigo.

Type Brandt-Daroff Habituation Exercises into the search engine too. Also available via Chiropractic Tips. They are very general but often help.

Think also low blood pressure and anaemia too.

Dr B

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