Diverted TMJ pain

by Joanie
(Lemmon, SD, USA)

So, my jaw diverts when it goes up and down; it makes a major pain when chewing food. I'm not sure if these exercises would be good for me or not.


Hello Joanie,
The rule with any exercise is that they shouldn't hurt, or in this instance pop or click. If you're doing it gently then it certainly won't do any harm.

But equally they probably won't fix the problem; it sounds like you have an injured meniscus; have you had dental work done under a general anaesthetic? Or a hard punch or slap to the face?

It sounds like you need to consult someone experienced with jaw joint work.

Do you grind your teeth at night? Do you get facial pain or headaches?

Dr B

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Jun 11, 2014
Re: My Diverted tmj Jaw..lol
by: Joanie

Yes Dr B, I have had this since I can remember, but I did have oral surgery to have my wisdom and molar teeth removed. I had braces when I was young, that was supposed to "fix my jaw" as I had moonface, my jaw sticking out way far, and he thought it would fix that as well.
I don't grind my teeth, but my dentist gave me an insert that would help my clenching she thought. I clench my jaw very tight during the night. I have bitten my tongue and cheek very hard as to draw blood and scar both of them.

I do get headaches; have had migraines for a good long time.

I'm thinking about going to a chiropractor here in the area who is "really good at" these things but it scares me as I have fibromyalgia, and it usually screws me up for quite a while when I visit him. Anyway, thank you for the suggestion.

Hello again Joanie,
Whether caused by the braces, or the surgery, or would have happened anyway is of no consequence for you; it's water under the bridge.

Talk to your chiropractor; tell you want to come, but are screwed up after his treatment. Spell it out. He needs to hear you, and adapt his treatment; or you go elsewhere.

Incidently, for your polymyalgia, increase the omega 3 foods in your diet, and decrease the omega 6; it's the ratio that's important and it sounds like yours is far too high. Not pills. Food. Type anti inflammatory omega 3 into the Site Search function at chiropractic help.

Wear that plate; I know it's a pain but they do help.

Dr B

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