Dislocating hips and pain!

by Tali

I am a 26 year old female who has, for many years, been suffering chronic pain and constant, daily subluxations and sometimes dislocations of the hips, which is leading to regular bursitis (and also groin and lower back pain). Despite steroid injections, I am still in a lot of discomfort.

I am wondering whether this x-ray reveals any sort of explanation for my pain and/or looseness in the hips?

Many thanks!

Yes, indeed it does, Tali.

Firstly, the X-ray suggests you have a very short leg unless the setup by the radiographer was poorlyt done. It was probably taken lying down. I'd ask for a repeat with you standing. Correcting that leg length inequality is the first step. It will require something in or under your shoe, or both.

The X-rays do show shallow sockets, but not grossly so. This is a condition called Hip Dysplasia. Fortunately there is no sign of arthritis, yet. I say yet as HD leads to arthritic hips unless this is managed correctly. How are Mom's and Aunty's hips?

Look at the pages at C-H on Hip dysplasia. Use the sitesearch function.

Talk to your chiropractor about gentle mobilising exercises that your should be doing for your hips and lower back on a daily basis, and specific exercises to strengthen the muscles around the hips.

Good luck,

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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