Discomfort (not pain) on left side of body

by Justin

It began five years ago ... I have been xrayed and have seen many different professionals, including chiropractors, physical therapist, physiotherapist, massage therapist, etc. The X-ray I have shows sacrilization of L5 and a leg length inequality of 5mm. It also shows a scoliotic curve in the lumbar spine.

My symptoms include extreme tightness in the left shoulder and neck. ROM is limited when rotating my neck to the right, side bending my neck to the right. I also have tightness in my left glute. Quad and calf areas.
My left foot overpronates and I am wearing shoes with great arch support as well as wearing a 5mm lift on the left side. I lift weights days per week as well as stretching 3 days a week and doing self myofascial release 2x per week.
I also get the tight muscles released by a massage therapist. I usually wake feeing really tight and get looser as the day goes on.

Hello Justin,
The combination of a sacralisation and short leg always makes for a difficult back. You can be pleased you don't have pain. And, if you've had some injuries on top of that, well yes, you would have be having neck troubles.

My suggestions would be to completely evaluate your lifestyle. Things to consider might be:
* Your computer station
* How long you spend at the computer and car before getting up and moving.
* Your sleeping posture, pillow and bed.
* Whether weights are advisable, and how heavy.
* A daily set of loosening exercises first thing in the in morning, starting with the lower back in bed, and then midback and neck.
* A monthly chiropractic treatment, and a weekly massage perhaps.
I could add others: your foot, whether a full sole lift might be better than a heel lift...

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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