by Prem Subramony

The sign of Pisa

The sign of Pisa

I am 68 years old. Last few months I feel some shifting discomfort, can't call it pain, in the left side of lower spine. X ray shows partial sacralisation on the left side. Doctor told me that it is due to shifting of the spine in that location and nothing can be done about it.

Can the condition become worse. Any suggestion for improving the condition.

Hello Prem,
Your doctor is right in one sense; this can't be cured. But can it be helped? Yes, certainly. And can it get worse? Absolutely, the pain can start radiating down your leg.

Diabetes too can't be cured, but there is certainly something you can do about it.

The biggest single thing you can do, is to start doing our lower back exercises faithfully every day. First thing in the morning before getting out of bed, and last things at night. You'll find them in the navigation bar on the leg at Chiropractic Help.

If you are actually standing crooked, looking like a question mark, then it's more serious. I call it the sign of Pisa after the famous tower in Italy, but in medical jargon it's known as an antalgia.

Then you need to go to bed until you come up straight; whilst there do the exercises every half an hour, use ice for pain, and get up every hour and go for a walk.

Good luck, I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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