Disc problems

by Frances

Disc problem many years, have had op. on lower back and neck, c5-c6, scan some years ago indicates issue in thoracic area but consultant would not operate,'too high risk of total immobility!'

Latest scan on neck shows 'riddled with arthritis, so only treatment is l/t Tramadol, gamapentin, Romoxin and the rest.

Current issue is pain thoracic area +?8thrib, this was diagnosed years ago by consultant at pain clinic at B.C.H. Using above meds, -no relief- cannot use anti-inflamatories due to ulcer - so in horrendous pain - r.h.s. front to back. Is it 8th rib syndrome as before ( cannot lift right arm without pain and hand swollen) or is it disc issue? Please advise.

Also suffer from M.E and cardiovascular disease since 1985.


Can you recommend any other pain relief?

Hello Frances,
Sometimes it's good to look at things from a quite different perspective. What do we have?

1. Riddled with arthritis.
2. Operations on neck and lower back.
3. Midback pain radiating to the rib and sternum.
4. ME.
5. Cardiovascular disease.

What it says to me is that you have either had massive trauma, that you don't mention, or a totally, highly-inflammatory diet that is affecting your body from one end to the other. How are your feet?

Pain relief you have already found doesn't exist because it's not addressing the underlying problem.

You've mentioned nothing about food, so I'm going to take a long shot stab. You have a diet that is very high in refined carbohydrates, very low in the good fats, fish, olive oil and avocados. Probably over 20 teaspoons of sugar per day, lots of cake flour, white rice and pasta.

Hippocrates the Father of Medicine once said, "Let your food be your medicine, and medicine your food." How many coloured foods did you have today?

I may be totally wrong, please forgive me, but what I'm reading here is a VERY poor diet, very high in refined carbohydrate. Commercial bread, breakfast cereals, sugar, cake flour, white rice and pasta.

My best advice is not chiropractic, but a local dietician or doctor who specialises in a low refined carbohydrate diet, sometimes called a ketogenic way of eating.

If you are ready and willing for a total change of what you eat, then there is someone around the corner, find him or her, or it's just more pain, more disability and an early demise.

Sorry to be so blunt, and forgive me if I have missed the mark.

Dr B.R. Lewis, DC.

PS. If this resonates with you (read, makes you very angry) might be profitable to spend some time browsing my other site, bernard-preston.com. That's my nom du plume.

We are all on a journey. Let me know how you get on. I'm interested.
Dr B.

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