Didn't have issues until going through ortho for anterior crowding?

by Ashley
(Denver, CO)

I am a dental assistant (have been for the last 16 years) and about 3 years ago, I went through ortho. Moderate anterior crowding, but I was Class I on both sides, so a pretty typical case. Following ortho, everytime I chew on the left side, my right jaw pops. No pain but literally with every bite, it happens.

I've been getting migraines more and more often and I woke up today with pain (on the right side) whenever I open my mouth at all. I've done some myofacial release and ibuprofen to no avail. I also have sleep apnea and wear a sleep appliance. It has seemed to aggravate my jaw pain on the right side so it's been difficult to wear it every night.

Hello Ashley, apologies for the delay, I've been on leave.

It's a huge fundamental issue of medical ethics: weighing up the risks versus the benefits of what is basically cosmetic surgery.

What orthopaedic surgery did you have?

In any event it would seem that you now have a displaced meniscus in the right TMJ. Was myofascial release also done on the external pterygoid?

Whilst chiropractors do have mobilising techniques for the TMJ, my thoughts are that you should first exhaust the recommendations of your surgeon. If you've done that, and still have no progress, let me know.

Dr B

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