Diagnosed with L4 spasm 4 months ago

by Ed
(NL Canada)

Diagnosed with L4 spasm 4 months ago.

I strained myself lifting and moving things in August. Doctor says it's L4 spasm. After 4 months, I'm no better, in pain and on a prescribed med. Had xray and ct scan. Doc. says it's showing nothing that won't heal on its own. Had MRI recently; no results to date. Still in pain especially when I'm on my feet; eases somewhat when I sit.

Hello Ed,
Mm, I'm not sure what a L4 spasm is. L4 is the term to designate a bone, and it can't spasm. L4 is also used to designate the fourth lumbar nerve root, and that can't spasm either.

Spasm suggests a muscular condition, and that would have been over in a few weeks.

I don't want to be rude, but from what you say, your doc hasn't a clue! Time to see a local experienced chiropractor; ask for a thorough examination.

You mention no leg pain, so that's good.

A couple questions:
1. Bend slowly forwards; what do you feel. Now backwards, and then sideways first right and then left. Tell me EXACTLY where you feel the pain, if there is any.

2. Were you at any stage looking like a question mark?

3. Have you had any pain when coughing, sneezing or bearing down on the toilet?

4. Sitting in a kitchen chair, straighten first the right leg, lower it, and then the left. Then with your head flexed on your chest. Let me know EXACTLY what and where you feel any pain or tightness.

There are plenty of very competent chiropractors in Canada, Ed. Find one. Meantime, start the lower back exercises you'll find in the navigation bar on your left.

Take the scans with you to the chiropractor.

Dr B

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