Desperate for help from midback pain

I have deep chronic pain in my mid back, just to the left if you are viewing me from behind. This has been going on for years, off and on. But for the last 2 yrs the pain has persisted and gotten worse.

Pain is amplified when I tilt my head forward. Neck (and back of my head) is now affected as well, with pain and also feels like a heavy strain, and at times difficult to hold my head up. Do you have any idea what this could be? Any help would be appreciated.

There are any number of possibilities from degenerative change in the thoracic spine, to rib subluxations, Lower cervical nerve root impingements, myofascial pain and referral from the organs such as pancreas or lungs.

I'd start off with a thorough medical examination; ask for lung and thoracic spine xrays.

Then once our doctor has ruled out the nasties, it's time to start looking for a competent chiropractor in your neighbourhood. I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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