Degenerative cervical discs, also lumbar hernia L4-5, scoliosis

by Bonnie
(Decatur Alabama)

Had neck adjustment for neck pain causing head discomfort. Dr said area was tight when he tried to adjust. Tried twice each side using twist action while I was laying on my back. Ever since then I've been having pain in front of neck. Main areas each side, (tendon or muscle goes up to bend in jaw area. Is that from adjustment since it was so tight and how do I treat?

Hello Bonnie,
Sorry to be evasive but it is really difficult to answer your question. Are you 60 plus and had only one treatment?

My experience for what it is worth when working with a degenerative joint is that it is often difficult to get a release at the first treatment, but perhaps there is a little movement so that by the second or third it usually can be adjusted with relative ease.

A certain amount of 'after pain' is not uncommon, though ideally it should be short lived. If you have your wisdom teeth out you can expect to have sore face for a few days.

I would just talk to your chiropractor frankly about your fears and uncertainties. As mature adults we should be able to speak to each other in a non-confrontational manner. Did he not tell you that you may be sore after the treatment?

So important in my opinion with a scoliosis is to evaluate leg length; so often it is a short limb that causes the curvature. How to manage the leg length deficiency is another matter; it is complex, but does not necessarily involve very expensive orthotics.

Diet and exercise play an important role too. Fatty fish at least twice a week would help your joints and your heart. Are you doing back exercises, and going for a walk regularly?

Let me know how you get on.

Dr B. Roberts Lewis, DC.

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