deep upper back pain

by sherri

Im concerned, I have found a great chiropractor he says I have subluxations in my upper back. He took an xray and of course I was concerned about cancer; he said he saw nothing suspect at all on my xray.

It's been a good 2 months and though I have some relief I just can't believe this pain is still here; it is on my left side rhomboid and on occasion goes around my latissmis dorsi. I know im not spelling these correctly. The pain aches and feels deep it a good idea to get a ct scan or Mri at this point?

My chiro has been doing this for 30 years. He even acknowledges my concern about cancer and has said he has at times had to refer suspicious xrays but feels I'm ok. I have had the worst ergomic set up for 2 years so bad I had to quit. I think it might have really contributed being a used to have a phone rested on between my right ear and shoulder all day everyday and my left side is now problematic.

Hello Sherri,
If you had cancer, you wouldn't have got any relief from chiropractic treatment. Any weight loss? If your inner sense this could be cancer then take it further, but I suspect your chiropractor is quite right.

That telephone posture is absolutely dreadful, and the probably cause of your problems. The absurd part is that a headset is so cheap.

The hard part about midback pain is that it could be a ribhead problem, a thoracic spine condition like Scheuermanns, referred from an internal organ, or from the lower neck via the dorsal scapular nerve.

Is your chiropractor also adjusting your neck? Have you also had a cervical spine xray?

Please reply on a computer and check your grammar and spelling before hitting the send button. Correcting your English is tiresome.

Dr B

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