Deep pain in rhombus major area

Hi. I have recurrent a deep pain in the rhombus major area, pain is worst at the top of a large breath into the upper lungs (not a deep breath into stomach). But I don't think it is the rhombus as I can squeeze my shoulder blades together. Massage/tennis ball to the area "hits the spot" rather than reducing pain. Lasts for a few days at a time. Any ideas?

Deep pain with inspiration suggests either pleurisy in which case you're very sick with a fever, or a subluxated rib head; the latter is one of the simpler conditions for a chiropractor to treat.

It's often caused by a sneeze, or dose of coughing. Look for a competent local chiropractor; not the one offering a promotion or some other gimmick.

If you have been unwell, or for any reasons suspect this could be something more serious, then a chest x-ray and radiographs of your spine would be indicated; however this is the exception rather than the rule for deep pain in the rhombus major area on inspiration.

Dr B

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