Deep nagging pain in rhomboids and it radiates into my deltoid

by Arron B. Taylor
(Boise, Idaho)

My name is Arron Taylor. A week ago I had thought I just slept wrong on my shoulder but usually that pain goes away within 4 days but it has persisted for more than a week now;it keeps me awake a night and when I bend down to pick something up my left deltoid feels like someone is strangling life out of that muscle; it hurts to bend over but I have been alternating ice massage and then a heat pad that only relieves a little pain for 5 minutes.

I often lay in the fetal position; it's most comfortable but cannot lay on my left side also when I shift to lay on my right side it's hard to move it; hurts so much even been trying Epsom salt and have missed the last two days of work I can't continue in this pain any suggestions to try.

Hello Arron,
Both the deltoid and the rhomboids are supplied by C5 in the neck; there's a good chance that's where it's coming from.

Using the Site Search function at Chiropractic Help find and test Spurlings and Upper limb tension tests. If either are positive then see a chiropractor; could be difficult.

Sorry, away for four weeks now.

Dr B

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