cysts on T1 and rib

by Brenda
(Boston, MA)

I have cysts on my T1 that connects with my rib. I was told to, "take 1, 600mg, Gabapentine, twice a day" for 6-12 months and see if the pain goes away. My problem is that I am in constant pain. Migraines, tingling and numbness in arms and hands, neck and upper shoulder pain, upper chest pain and its difficult to move my head sometimes.

The pain is "heavy pressure on my upper chest and pulling/jolt of pain in my shoulder and neck." It feels like I've been run over by a truck. I've had an xray and MRI. The MRI showed that I have cysts on my T1 that connects with my ribs.

Hello Brenda,
Could you send me a copy of the x-rays showing these cysts? Send it to Contact.

And then a lot more details about all these symptoms; when it all started, which fingers are involved, what increases or relieves the pain and tingling and where exactly is this chest pain.

The question is whether these cysts are the cause of all these symptoms, or are really irrelvant. True they exist, but not the cause of all your pain.

I need a lot more details; this is not straight forward, as you know.

Dr B

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