Curved spine

by Steve
(Brisbane, Austrailia)

Hi I recently had a Full Hip Replacment which was very succesful, However i now have a curved spine from limping to one side for 3yrs while i waited for my operation, I have been seeing a Physio for this condition all to no Avail.

What do you suggest??

Hello Steve,
The first thing I'd want to be sure of is that your hips are now level. Sometimes you can have a very successful, pain wise, hip replacement, but they don't get the legs exactly the same length.

That will certainly give you a scoliosis. Ask if an "erect" XRay of the pelvis has been taken.

Next, a bad hip will often cause the SI joint to lock solid. It might come loose after the hip replacement, but often doesn't. See our sacroiliac joint treatment page.

My only other contribution would be to start our lower back exercises, and knee joint exercises. Why knee? Because a bad hip may cause a weak cause, and that' will cause you to walk like a drunken sailor!

Good luck, let me know what comes of it.

Dr B

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