Crushed coccyx with pain and sexual issues

by Jennifer F
(Salem, Oregon)

> > Crushed coccyx with pain and sexual issues

Thank you for your time. I hope you can help.
When I was nine years old, I crushed my tailbone while at the roller rink. At the time, it was believed there was nothing you could do for such an injury.
As I grew, the pain worsened and I developed scoliosis. The doctors believed it was directly connected to my coccyx injury.
In my adult years, my darn tailbone has caused more hassles and headaches. I require frequent visits to the chiropractor and my lower back is in constant pain. But the worst of the consequences are sexual. I had to deliver my daughter via c-section because my crushed tailbone was blocking the birth canal and what's worse, it's incredibly difficult for me to achieve orgasm, which I recently discovered is also a result of a broken tailbone severing or intruding upon the muscles and nerves in that area.
After all these years, I understand that the broken bones are now fused, but could you please tell me if there is anything a chiropractor can do to relieve the constant pain and side effects of this injury?
Jennifer F.
Salem, OR

Hello Jennifer,
It's a nasty injury, more usually caused by a prankster pulling out a chair as one is about to sit.

It's hard to be sure about that causing the scoliosis. Do you have any curvature in the family? More usually, the cause is a short leg. Have your husband stand behind you, place both hands on the crests of the hips (look up "iliac crest" at our sacroiliac joint anatomy page.) Are they obviously unlevel. Ask your chiropractor to check too. If there are xrays taken standing, they will give an indication too.

There are three ways to treat the coccyx. Firstly a donut cushion of some sort; it takes the weight of the nether region. Then there's an external technique that I always use first. It's simple and often effective in acute injuries.

However, in a chronic case like this, I find the internal coccygeal technique much more effective. It's not really painful, but it is awkward. Take your husband along with you. Not all chiropractors will do it.

Are you doing lower back exercises? That's important too, and you'll find them in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help.

It's tough treating any chronic injury, doubly so when it has such deeper ramifications. But that's what I would do; I give you a fair chance of achieving fifty percent, perhaps more, pain.

Try not to have it surgically removed. There are important muscles attached to the coccyx.

I hope this contributes.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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