Crackling sound in neck area and ear making a hissing sound when I move my head from side to side

My problem has been going on for a year and a half now with first diagnosis being a blocked eustachian tube. I had at the time a very loud rushing type sound in my ear. I was prescribed anti inflammatories and antibiotics but after the Mri I was left with no answers.

I went to a doctor recently and he said it sounds like it could be neck issues and to follow up with some massages. So I followed the advice but I woke up one morning and thought I would take myself to a chiropractor. He did an adjustment and now feeling very sore after the treatment. I am not really sure if I am on the right path in trying to get some relief from this on going problem. It's very distracting and it's causing me to have anxiety. I am not really sure what is happening and I need answers. Any help would be much appreciated.Thank you.

Hello Carmel,
This is a tough one; I'm really not sure. Not being able to examine you, makes it impossible. What do YOU think? Is this hissing, crackling sound coming from your ear or your neck?

Of course the upper cervical spine is very close to the ear, so that makes it difficult.

The fact that you had some discomfort after the chiropractic adjustment is neither here nor there; it's common after the first treatment and neither confirms nor denies that it's your cervical spine that is causing these symptoms.

In ear problems are often associated with vertigo; have you had any sense that the world is spinning, making you nauseous?

Any headaches?

The jaw joints too should be considered as they are also very close to the ears, but moving your head from side to side wouldn't affect them.

Keep thinking; if the doctors can't work it out, see if you can. Try some neck exercises, ask your chiropractor.

I wish I could be more helpful; I suspect this is as vague as everything else you've been through.

Dr B

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