cracked talus/ankle sprain?

I injured my foot almost 2 weeks ago. I do not have money to go to an orthopedic so instead I've been to two different hospitals. One hospital said I have a cracked talus, the other hospital said it's a bad ankle sprain. My foot is still swollen especially around the ankle and heel, although the swelling has went down a lot. 90% of my foot and ankle is bruised including the bottom of my foot.

I recently had red little spots to pop up all over my toes? I can't walk on my foot and I can't bend my foot and toes up. I can move my foot a little but not much. Any advice on what it is and what I should do is greatly appreciated.

A cracked talus is a serious injury. It will become arthritic if not carefully managed. You should certainly be in a POP cast or moon boot.

Find the money and go to a good orthopod. Soon. Otherwise you risk being disabled for the rest of your life; I'm not exaggerating.

Gather your xrays and take them with you; let him or her make the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Dr B

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